Marmie taking on Annapolis, Segway style.

Who is Mama Re aka Marmie, Aunt Re, Mom, Re, Rebecca?

To me, her daughter, she is Marmie. I started calling her that after hearing it on Little Women, it just made me laugh and it fit her perfectly. She is the daughter of Peggy and Charles Moore, sister to 6 siblings and wife to Mark since ’74. She is mother to Graham, Logan and I and mother in law to Esther, Laura and Jondavid. She is grandmother to Kyrie, Juliet Rhys, Ransom and Blaise and beloved by all who know her by any of her names.

Marmie is dedicated to family, a loyal friend and the most gracious host you’ll ever encounter. She loves to make delicious food for people and make it in abundance. She always has a new idea and is known throughout the family for her “ideas” for family bonding, cleaning, schedule making and the like.

When Tenthouse was being meticulously dreamed and designed the house centered from one point, the kitchen, and not just a kitchen but a kitchen with a couch and fireplace. And no matter how many people are at Tenthouse at any given time, the couch in the kitchen is the most coveted and used space. Nothing beats gathering in the kitchen.

Marmie is my inspiration, not only because she’s my mom and I have to say that my mom is my inspiration, but because she fearlessly tackles things and gives me hope and inspiration for the years ahead of me. I hope all who read this blog will be as inspired as I am.