“Don’t lose any more weight.” Mark ordered as he strapped a cervical collar onto my neck. “At least not until you build some muscle on your back and neck.” “But, but, I’m so close to my goal,” I whined like a petulant three year old. I really didn’t think my injury due to a fall in high heels in our gravel drive was related to muscle loss. Yes, I had given myself a case of whiplash that would make me respect the injury for the rest of my life, but that was due to the fall and not to the thirty pounds I had lost this spring.

In case any of you have been following my 59th year goals – one is to return to my marriage weight by my birthday in September. I am getting so very close and my teeth are deeply sunk into the end goal like a dog ferociously latched onto a meaty bone. I want to achieve this goal!

My fall happened while hunky-marine-corp-doctor-hubby was in Morocco on a military exercise. Thankfully he returned a week early and began issuing doctor/commander sounding orders …all intended to get me well…fast. Take this pill! Wear this collar! Stay in bed! Build muscle!

I love this man.

And I will be a good patient and do everything he tells me….except…I simply must reach this goal! I am almost to a countdown which will be announced in this blog. Watch for a giant 10 to appear. That means the last ten pounds is on its way out. In the meantime I know I must start exercising.

But first things first – right now I am lying here in bed next to my sleeping, jet-lagged hubby -even in his dreams his hand stretches across our king bed in search for my hand –

The muscle relaxant he insisted I take is blissfully starting to kick in……..

And…. before… I… doze… off (it took me 30 minutes to write this last sentence)..

I am grateful again that God helped a once troubled marriage make its way back to tender care.

Here is some dependable wisdom for your marriage that you can take to the bank: Care for each other well in sickness. This kind of love in action will put deep deposits into each other’s emotional bank accounts.

truly mama re