“You know,” my husband began solemnly, “This is Easter weekend and tomorrow is Good Friday”. “No, it’s not,” I answered without surprise or sarcasm…just a tad humorously. “Easter was last weekend. Remember all the cool stuff we did with the grandchildren? Remember the awesome service in the chapel?” “Oh that’s right,” he grinned. No, Mark is not on the verge of Alzheimer’s disease. In fact his mind is as sharp as ever. We just go pretty fast around here and time slips by.

We, in fact, had a great Easter. The service in the Naval Academy chapel is always grand with the midshipmen choir singing their hearts out from the balcony under the dome. Add to that two baptisms performed in a hot tub hauled to the front just for this occasion.

Our kids all go to their own churches. Graham and Esther have always been members of the Vineyard church. Whitney and JD attend a community church in D.C. and Logan and Laura go to Apostles in New York City. So, we didn’t see any of them until the afternoon when Graham, Esther, our four grandchildren and Whitney and JD came by for a roast dinner.

Now I have a confession to make – Mark and I don’t like playing with children. We will sit and look at them for hours, but we don’t have any desire to play with them. I consider this an unforgivable weakness on my part and I am always working against this feeling. What grandmother doesn’t like to play with the kids? Given that confession you will understand that even though this is probably not a big deal to you, we were nevertheless very proud of ourselves when we came up with the idea for a scavenger hunt for the children…rather than ANOTHER egg hunt (they had already been to two). Mark made up all the quiz questions and the children (and Mark, by the way) had a blast finding their way to their Easter baskets. In this picture he is reading the next clue that will send them dashing to another part of the house.

Easter scavenger hunt with Mark, Kyrie, Juliet, Ransom and Blaise

Easter scavenger hunt with Mark, Kyrie, Juliet, Ransom and Blaise

So, yes, dear, we did have Easter and it was glorious. How many glorious times have we forgotten? Will we remember them all in heaven? I hope so.