Facing the day - Sunrise from our bedroom window.  Winter at Tenthouse

Facing the day – Sunrise from our bedroom window. Winter at Tenthouse

“When did you feel the most beautiful?” This from my husband as his sister, Linda, and I were preparing dinner (he has a habit of asking probing questions during dinner). I started raking my brain for ideas and was having trouble thinking of even one time I felt particularly beautiful. Now, I don’t think I am too bad looking. I can be pretty cute at times. But beautiful? Linda was already relating one of her favorite memories in vivid detail. Why couldn’t I think of anything?
Finally I understood my problem. This may sound silly to you, but I only feel beautiful when I have a waist – and I have not had one for awhile. I am a short, ‘sturdy’ woman who has always dreamed of being ‘willowy’. That adjective does not work on my frame. Even when I lose weight, I never look ‘thin’, I just look smaller…but still sturdy. I bought a Westie because the breed was described as ‘sturdy’. I liked that because I empathized with it. Bodie and I have something in common-we know we will never be willowy. But does this mean we will never be beautiful?

Well, I made a decision, If I can’t be willowy, I know I can at least have a waist and that might make me feel beautiful. This is not one of my more noble goals, but I have to be honest with you, it really is a goal. I don’t have to tell most of you the more important benefit of a smaller waist – that it is healthier for your heart to have less fat around your middle. So, there you are – achieving wedding weight by the time I am 60 =small waist=healthy heart=feeling beautiful and getting to wear shirts tucked in.
And my sweet, patient husband loves this goal. Achieving it will be as much a gift to him as it will be to me.

And I am off to a decent start.

Since my 59th birthday I have lost 16 pounds using Medifast food, and availing myself of a great coach whose advice comes free with the purchase of the Medifast products. I gained three of those pounds back over Christmas, but lost it last week, so I hope I am back on track. This week I am traveling with my hubby to San Diego for nine days. This can be good and it can be bad. Mostly it is good….with no food prep I am less tempted, and i can always find something on a menu that is healthy. My suitcase is full of Medifast stuff. Everything in Medifast is protein disguised as something else, milkshakes, candy bars, soups, chips, etc. Some of it is good and some of it you get used to and some of it you ship back (which you are allowed to do).

People always ask me how I will maintain my weight loss. Will I have to stay on Medifast the rest of my life? The answer is, “I don’t know.” I know from experience that maintaining weight loss is a whole different animal from getting the weight off, and I must figure out a plan. But the first goal is just to get the fat off.

Another question I get is, “Are you exercising?” The answer to that is, “Not yet.” Right now I am attempting to burn fat only. When I arrive at (an undisclosed amount) a certain weight and I feel I have lost a good deal of body fat (only), I will then begin training. I’m not sure when that will be, but, again, I will let you know.

One thing I do know is that these days when I wake up in the morning I feel terrific and I can’t wait to jump out of bed and get on with my day. That good feeling is partially because I am eating properly and I have more physical energy, and partially because I feel stronger emotionally as I grow in self discipline. Self discipline is a ‘muscle’ you exercise just like you would other muscles in your body. Self discipline can become weaker from lack of use, or stronger as you practice saying ‘NO!” to yourself. When you practice saying “No!” to yourself, you are engaging in ‘mental push-ups’.

There are even more benefits to waking up feeling healthy and strong. When I am being true to my diet goals, I wake up eager to encourage those around me, I have more endurance and can happily face the work day, I am more positive and cheerful, I am less intimidated by people and situations, I worry less about myself and my aches and pains (which are going away!) and think more of others. When I feel good physically and stronger emotionally, I smile more, and I say, “Yes!” more.

And, get this….I am getting all those wonderful benefits and I am not even to my goal weight yet…I am just on the way.

So, take note, it only takes 48 hours of self discipline with a diet or an exercise program to start feeling great. You feel so wonderful to just be on the way…long before that goal is actually reached.

My advice? Start now…today…this hour.
I guarantee that tomorrow morning you will wake up happy.

yours truly,
mama re