Justice and Bodie

Saturday after Thanksgiving JD’s family arrived.  Sister, Kristen, and her husband, Josh, came with baby Justice.  Also JD’s mom, Tracey, and dad, Jonathan, arrived with little sister, Elizabeth who is a senior in high school.  Jonathan brought a huge fish (Striper – 37 pounds!) -that he caught off the coast of Cape May, NJ.  So, we cooked that up for dinner with some delicious salad made by Tracey.  The light, healthy fish and salad meal was just what the doctor ordered after stuffing ourselves for several days.

Number for dinner on Saturday night – 13

Kristen and Justice

One year old Justice is just about ready to walk.  Her beautiful mama, Kristen, is helping.


Yes, Justice is in almost all the pictures…and why not?…she makes me smile.

Elizabeth Landon

Elizabeth, a dedicated student, is finishing high-school in the spring of 2013.

Landon Family

We caught the whole family looking good – not hard for them.  Back row L to R – Josh, Kristen, Tracey, Jonathan. Front row – Elizabeth, Justice, JD and Whitney.