Thanksgiving celebrations did not end with the actual day of Thanksgiving.  Friday one group left and my brother and his family arrived.  The plan was to finish off all the Thanksgiving leftovers that night.  When I arrived home from black Friday shopping the frig had been emptied out onto the counters and friends and relatives were picking on the turkey carcass like buzzards along Muddy Creek Road scarf up road kill.  I panicked…what do I feed the crowd if they get hungry again?!  The answer….nothing…..let them go out for pizza if  hunger pangs hit them before bedtime.  No one went to bed hungry.

Number for Friday Dinner after Thanksgiving –  15 or so


My brother, Geoff, and his family arrive.

Eli and Emily

Nephew Eli and his girlfriend, Emily.

More porch sitting, more talking…before Laura and Logan leave.
(Emily, Laura, Logan, Megan and Mark)


Yummy ice cream filled cream puffs – one of sister-in-law, Sharon’s, specialties.

Goodbye good friend, Jonathan Norris

Sad, but beautiful drive west on highway 50 – taking Laura and Logan to catch a bus to Brooklyn and Megan the Metro back into DC.

Tomorrow – Thanksgiving week part three – The Landons arrive