Thanksgiving officially began at Tenthouse with the arrival of Logan (our son) and Laura (his wife) from Brooklyn, NY.  Daughter, Whitney and JD, her hubby, arrived the same day from their home in DC.  Of course my mom and dad were already here – as was Liz, my niece.

The number for Tuesday dinner – 9

Stroganoff Sandwich

Tuesday of Thanksgiving week – Stroganoff Sandwich and the movies. After an early dinner we all went to see ‘Lincoln’.

Stroganoff Sandwich

Stroganoff Sandwich – the finished product. Everyone loves this and I have been making it for 38 years.


Wednesday  was baking day, friend, Jonathan Norris’ arrival, and dancing in the kitchen, and setting the tables for Thanksgiving dinner.

The number for Wednesday dinner (broccoli-cheddar soup made by Liz) – 10

Laura's apple pie

Laura makes the best apple pie I have ever tasted.

Jonathan and Liz 'swinging' in the kitchen

Jonathan and Liz ‘swinging’ in the kitchen.

Dining Room set for Thanksgiving dinner

Dining Room overlooking Tenthouse Creek – set for 10

Porch set for Thanksgiving dinner

Porch table overlooking our pond and the West River – set for 10

Thursday was Thanksgiving prep, frisbee, and the arrival of many more family and friends.

The number for Thanksgiving dinner -20

Logan cooking

Logan cooking delicious brussel sprouts

famous pies

The best pies ever – my mom’s pecan, Laura’s crumb-topped apple, and Laura’s mom’s (Kathleen) homemade pumpkin.

Logan and JD playing frisbee

Logan and JD playing frisbee in the front yard

Laura and Liz on the receiving end of that same frisbee. Bodie is bored with it already.


Whitney watches from the porch as she studies for a nursing exam.


Mark chatting on the beach with Laura’s family – Kathleen, Newt and Megan






One of our chaplain’s and his family also joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Madison and Brandi Carter have three little children, two boys and a little girl, Kinsie (in this picture – playing with the ark with Logan and Laura).

While we all ate and talked, my parents quietly cleaned the kitchen. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday meals were as big and as festive as Thanksgiving dinner, and they each had their own groups and celebrations.  When one group left, another arrived.  All told, Tenthouse hosted a total of 24 overnight guests in three different shifts during Thanksgiving week, and we cooked 100 individual meals.