Our friend, Lynsey, went to Kenya with my daughter, Whitney, and I a few years ago.  We spent a whole month together there working in an orphanage.  As you can imagine a strong friendship formed during that month.  Then Lynsey married my son’s best friend from high school and  the bonds of friendship grew stronger.  Now Lynsey and Aaron live in Virginia with their baby girl, Penny.  Last week I was thrilled when Lynsey and Penny decided to spend a whole week with us at Tenthouse.

Penny in salad bowl

When Mark is not making his famous Ceasar Salad in this bowl, Penny can use it for a rocker.

Penny, Whitney and Bodie

Group pic…Penny, Auntie Whitney and Bodie

bath for Penny

Lynsey gives Penny a post bath rub down.

Penny and Bodie

Bodie has to stay in the mud room while Penny is playing.

Liz folds, Penny plays

Liz folds – Penny keeps her company