The Hispanic population in Annapolis is largely from El Salvador.  Our friends from El Salvador are skilled and very hard working.  They have strong families and they go to church.  A couple of weeks ago my friend, Ada, and I decided to have an El Salvadoran dinner and invite a few friends.  We made a deal -I would buy the groceries and she would make the pupusas – ground meat folded into mesa bread dough and fried flat like a pancake.  Iris brought homemade tamales wrapped in banana leaves.

Ada getting ready to cook

Ada with all her supplies for making her pupusas

making pupusas

Ada mixes ground pork or chicken with ground beans to make the filling for pupusas


ground meat mixture is placed inside a mesa bread dough


Iris pats out the pupusas into a pancake shape

frying pupusas

Pupusas are fried on a slightly greased skillet. The meat is inside.


My mom thoroughly enjoyed watching our friends cook.

El Salvador little girls

Three of the six little girls who squealed and played in ‘Mole’s End’ while the adults cooked.

Keilyn Nunez

Keilyn Nunez (aged 4) has learned English by watching Dora the Explorer…according to her sister.