Our four grandchildren came to stay with us for a few days while their parents were in Texas.  We have a special room for them we call “Mole’s End” named for our favorite character in “The Wind in the Willows”.  Mole’s End is an attic space that our son-in-law, JD, built into an awesome bunk room, secret hide out, swing room, and tiny climbing wall.

Ransom, Rhys and Blaise swinging

At the end of a hallway and behind a red door is a special room for grandchildren called ‘Mole’s End’. Rhys, Ransom and Blaise spend many happy hours here avoiding bedtime. Kyrie gets to stay up a little later than her younger sibs.

Rhys on swing

Juliet Rhys

Blaise reading in Bunk

Everyone has their own light and, if it is not a school night, they can read all night if they want to – just as long as they stay quiet and stay in their own bed.

Blaise climbing in bunk

This ‘rock wall’ into a bunk was too hard for them when we first put it in…. 🙂

Blaise in bed


Rhys over bookcase

Rhys is in the short bunk over the secret hide out tucked behind a book case.

Kyrie and Mommom

Kyrie (9) gets to stay up a little later and watch the news with her great-grandmother, Mommom

Ransom at breakfast

Ransom (6) always the first one up, enjoys breakfast at the kitchen counter where he can watch me cook and keep his eye on the TV too.