Annapolis, Maryland is a great place to go trick or treating – the row homes are close together, and from the dark street you get a rare opportunity to peak into the charming, historic homes that line all the streets heading down to the harbor.

This year we timed it just right – we left Tenthouse with our niece, Liz about 5pm (Annapolis is about 25 minutes from Tenthouse), picked up our four grandchildren and their parents, had some pizza, and were on our way before dark.  If your grandchildren are ages 4 – 9, as mine are, this is perfect.

Navy Pumpkin

Only in Annapolis – a pumpkin carved with ‘N’ for Navy – of course

Annapolis Chapel dome

We parked beside the Academy chapel dome in downtown Annapolis

Ransom, Kyrie and Rhys

Ransom, Kyrie and Rhys pose in costumes beside Academy wall. Blaise (4) refused.

getting candy

The candy bags fill up fast here.


Rhys and spider web

Rhys examines a spider web adorning one of the porches.


Liz and me trick or treating

This is me and my attempt at a clown face which was more scary than funny. Liz, my niece, was ‘black and white with red all over’.

Ransom trading candy

We had a stash of candy by 7pm. At home some fierce trading took place.