The last weekend of October was spent hunkering (is that really a word?) down at Tenthouse in prep for storm Sandy.  Thankfully we ‘weathered’ her just fine – with just a few trees down on our road that took the power out for a day and the internet out for several days (yikes!).

The day after the storm Mark put the back hoe sitting in our drive way to good use and pushed the downed trees out of the road before BGE could get there.  He is THE MAN!

Liz, Bodie and Whit in rain gear

Liz (my niece) and Whitney (my daughter) preparing to take Bodie out during the storm.

pond in the storm

This is what Sandy did to our pond.


flooded pond

The flooded pond and the flooded bay meet

leaky winow

Fortunately we discovered a living room window leaking onto our piano. We diverted the water and captured a gallon in a trash can by morning.

Mark and the downed tree

Mark surveying one of the trees blocking our road and preventing all the neighbors from getting off of our peninsula. Several men worked on this tree with chain saws until Mark showed up with the back hoe. Is there anything my man can’t do?!