This past weekend at Tenthouse was as busy as usual.  All four grandchildren were scheduled to arrive after school on Friday to spend the night and Whitney, my daughter, was to pick them up in Annapolis after her nursing school day and bring them to our home in the country.  Whitney’s husband, JD, would arrive later that evening after completing  a lab for his class in organic chemistry at Georgetown in D.C.  Liz, my niece, had the job of preparing dinner -personal pizzas.  Mark had been working for two days with a rented back hoe.  My parents were constantly emptying a dishwasher that never stayed empty for very long.  I call Mom and Dad the kitchen fairies -every time I turn around they have cleaned the kitchen again.  And I was completing my first week of online course work for a masters in counseling.  I had reading to finish, a short paper to write and a test to take before the internet went down with the storm.

grandchildren and Bodie on the beach

Blaise, Ransom, Juliet Rhys and Bodie spend all Saturday morning…just digging.