fall pond

View from my bedroom window one month after my birthday.

A month has past and now I have only eleven months to complete my goals for this year.  How am I doing so far?

Well, some things are going well…and some things need improvement.

1.  Am I Growing in Wisdom?

This month I met with two of my mentors, Lorraine and Parveen.  Lorraine encouraged me to have more quiet time and wait for God to speak to me.  I have done that ….a few times.  And I can say that when I have incorporated quiet time in the morning, I have felt much more focused and better able to respond positively to people in my life.  When I listened, really listened, I believe I did hear God speak to me .

Parveen saw the most common actions in her life in terms of emotion and poetry.  My conversation with her helped me see my contributions to the family as beautiful and essential -even life changing.

2.  Am I Growing in Knowledge?

This week I began a masters program online for Marriage and Family Therapy.  The reading in daunting, the papers frightening…but I already love it, and I can just feel those brain cells doing push ups.

3.  Am I Returning to Marriage Weight?

Ok..now the bad news….did not do well in this department.  So I have to make a new plan.  Since I am now sitting and reading by the hour, exercise has become vital.  So today I began water aerobics at the aquatic center and guess what…..I truly love it!  When the teacher yells out that we need to have a ‘zumba attitude’ – I can do all my sexy moves under water and no one can see how uncoordinated I am.  Plus, I am the youngest one in my group which makes me feel really great and really athletic -which I’m not.  I plan to do this Mondays through Thursdays (it is not open Friday through Sunday)  I am still on low carb, theoretically -no really (the girls weekend did not help a bit!), but I realize I have to GET SERIOUS because I only have eleven months left now.  I  am off to a good start, however, and for me sometimes that is all I need to get going.

One last thing…not part of personal goals and growth, but, nevertheless, a big event this year – we are building an apartment for my parents.  After months and months of acquiring permits, we finally broke ground yesterday!  You should have heard my parents whoop excitedly when I drove them home from the doctors office and they saw the following…..

Mark flexing his muscles

Mark doing his guy thing and lifting broken asphalt into a loader. He was pretty sore this morning.


Mom on the porch

My mom watching safely from the front porch


Truly Mama Re