Many years ago while Mark and I were still living in Delaware, we were asked by our pastor to lead a group of young married couples.  We were getting ready to move to Tenthouse in Annapolis and thought we did not have time to really dedicate ourselves to getting to know these couples.  Thankfully we did it anyway, and over the next ten years these young people became such a vital part of our lives.  We no longer live in each other’s neighborhoods, but that does not change the fact that we are hugely important to each other.  Now we have to make a concerted effort to get together.  One thing we do to reconnect is to have a girls weekend here each fall.  For these moms of young and growing families, a weekend away is so essential.  I love seeing my dear friends each year because  I know we will talk and talk, laugh and laugh, eat to much and stay up too late.  But  I also know that because of the character of these women, our conversation will cause us all to grow in wisdom and in grace.

Let me introduce you to my girls…..


Becky is the mother to two little girls.



Shannon is mother to four children -three boys and a girl



Amber is mother to a little boy


Amber is the mother to three little boys and is expecting…..someone 🙂


Esther is the mother to my four grandchildren.


Breakfast on the porch