Football in Annapolis is 4000 midshipmen marching through town to the rhythm of two brass bands.  Football in Annapolis is the smell of burgers and hot dogs being grilled on make-shift camp sites outside the stadium, and kids tossing nerf footballs between parked cars.  Football in Annapolis is the glee club belting out the Star Spangled Banner while 30,000 spectators salute or place their hands over their hearts….and sing along.  Football in Annapolis is the roar of  jets flying overhead, and cannons announcing the kick off and each touch down.  Football in Annapolis is much more than football…it is an American experience.

American Flag

Flags flying above a tail gate site outside the stadium at the Navy game

Ransom and Blasie salute

My two grandson’s, Ransom (6) and Blaise (4) were waiting with me to get into the Navy stadium when they heard the glee club begin singing the Star Spangled Banner. Their response was the normal Navy family response…….

Blaise and Pop

Blaise with his Pop…waiting for first sight of the jets

jets over the stadium

The jets finally arrive…..time for the game to begin


Blaise sporting his new cool cap with a Navy ram on the brim

Blaise with Mids

Blaise posing with midshipmen. The plebes (first year students) must stand throughout the game, and do pushups for each score made by Navy.


Midshipmen hats -called covers

Navy football

Entire brigade of midshipmen