Dale and Becky Baldwin arrived Sunday, October 14, at Tenthouse.  We met them in Bellingham, Washington when Mark and I had been married just one year -about 36 years ago.  Fortunately, we spent two lovely summers in this delightful part of the country – Northwest Washington state – working at the hospital.  The hospital gave us free food and lodging and $75 dollars a week.  It was all we needed. Bellingham had a lasting impact on both of us. Mark delivered his first baby here, and  it was here that he went sailing for the very first time.  He has never forgotten that little baby boy’s name, and he has never lost his passion for sailing.

Dale’s mother, Leota, was also mother to both of us while we lived in Bellingham. She died just this last summer….at the ripe old age of 104!!

The River - the constant flow of guests through Tenthouse

Dale and Becky Baldwin from Bellingham, Washington – their first visit to Tenthouse and the Naval Academy.