We are blessed weekly with friends and family visiting Tenthouse.  As I mentioned earlier, we live on a wide river called Tenthouse Creek which meets Cox Creek at our point of land.  Both these rivers flow into the even broader West River which makes it’s way rapidly into the grand Chesapeake Bay.

The stream of friends and guests who visit Tenthouse flow as constantly and as rapidly as these three rivers.  In this blog, I will refer to our guests simply as – “The River”.

FRIDAY: Brooke, Doug and Henry Waller came for the weekend.  Ten years ago Brooke, Doug, my son and my daughter-in-law’s brother all graduated from the Naval Academy.  Hosts of great friends made their way to Annapolis, Maryland last weekend to celebrate this ten year reunion.

With Brooke and Doug was their sweet little guy, Henry, just adoped from Ethiopia a few months ago.  Henry is a soft, little teddy bear of a boy, and he went straight into our arms.

SUNDAY: My niece and her fiance, Megan and Ken, brought their dog, Hailey, for a romp with our Westie, Bodie.  I failed to get a pic….DRAT.

MONDAY MORNING: Daughter-in-law, Esther, arrived with our four grandchildren, her brother and his wife, Doug and Kyla, and THEIR four children.  They were here for a short, but lively time.

Kallie and Kyrie

Abby and the jelly fish














MONDAY EVENING: Eric Knowles, a young conservative running for US Congress met at Tenthouse with his staff and a few guests.

Eric Knowles for Congress!