Mark Plaster

My husband is my hero.  I have not always felt this way.  Thirty -seven years ago we got off to a rocky start and struggled through the next twenty years of marriage.  Our conflicts were largely due to our vastly different personalities.  You see, when we got married, I was basically sweet and he was basically mean and selfish.  I am happy to report that both of us have grown and changed…now he is basically sweet and I am basically mean and selfish.  For some inexplicable reason this works better for both of us.  And we are happy…most of the time.  Now, when I begin raving about my husband…. about how great, wonderful, brilliant and masculine he is…I am taking a big risk.  The risk is that he will walk in after a day’s work and be such a big meanie again that I have to take it all back and wonder all over again like I did in the beginning…can this marriage survive-even after 37 years, three grown children, three in-law children, four grandchildren, and Molly, the Dalmation, and Bodie, the Westie?  Will this marriage make it?!

He says I exaggerate ….that I blow things out of proportion……that I project the worst case scenarios.

But when things are good, he is definitely my hero.  Here is why.

He works hard and provides for his family, his extended family, his neighbors and friends – generously and selflessly.

He is always doing something new and exciting.  At age fifty he enlisted in the Navy because he believed (still does) in this great country of ours and in doing his part to serve others.

He can laugh with Admirals and CEO’s , and dig ditches or fish with Hispanic landscapers.

My husband is a man’s man.  I feel about him the way Pioneer Woman feels about her man when she photographs his butt in jeans and wearing leather chaps – only it’s the lab coat and stethoscope that get me every time.

I actually could go on and on, but I just remembered this blog is not about him – it’s about me, me, me!

I told you I was the mean and selfish one now.

Mark on game day in Annapolis, Maryland.