This is my birthday photo.  My grandson, Ransom and I share a birthday.  That means that last year I had a Star Wars themed birthday party where we all dressed up like star wars characters and had blue jello with Hans Solo “frozen” in the middle. This year I had a Legos themed party.

The only present I wanted this year was a group photo.  How many of you know how difficult this is?  I gave up on the coordinated dress idea long ago.  This year I just said to them that I was wearing something blue….so…plan accordingly.

I am the one sitting in the far left of this photo.  Six year old Ransom is sitting with me as is his little brother, Blaise. Of course you can’t see me.  When there are grandchildren in the picture, they are usually directly Imageon top of me.  Juliet Rhys (7) and Kyrie (9) also wanted on my lap, but I do have a limit.  My parents, who recently moved in with us are front and center. My parents are very cooperative.  When I said I was wearing blue, they took it to mean that I wanted them to wear everything blue they owned in their closet.

On the back row: Graham (oldest son), Esther(his wife), Mark(my hubby), Logan(second son), and Laura(his wife). On the sitting row: Ransom and me, Blaise, then Juliet Rhys, Charles (my dad), Kyrie standing between them, Peggy(my mom), my daughter, Whitney  and her husband, JD, are both planting a kiss on my mom. Of course…I almost forgot Bodie, our little Westie girl.

This is my family with my home in the background.  We call our home Tenthouse because of the creek that runs beside us named Tenthouse Creek, but also because our homes and our lives which seem so permanent are not really….they are more like tents which will be replaced with  more solid dwellings in the end.