September 23rd, 1953 my mother and father named me Rebecca. Rebecca is a great name for nicknames…which I happen to love. If you get bored with Rebecca or Becky you can be called Becca or Re. My nieces and nephews call me Aunt Re, my Internet buddies call me just Re and my grandchildren know me as Marmie. But I am Mama Re to hosts of young people from the US Naval Academy, to many friends of our grown children, and other friends we have met along the way. Being a Mama is who I am, so of all the names I have had, I am most Truly Mama Re.

If you use a little math, you can tell by the date of my birthday that this year I turn 59. To me this is an important year-this year leading up to 60.
Have you ever wanted to more fully yourself. What I mean is, have you ever wanted to be the person you know you could be if something didn’t hold you back-something like a nagging bit of self doubt, or the lack of just enough self discipline to see you to the end of your goal. Have you ever said to yourself, “I’ll do it (whatever ‘it’ is) next week, next month or even next year ….. I will do those things THEN that I always wanted to do or felt I should do? Well, I am 59 today and I have decided that this is my year to stop putting things off, to begin doing just those things I am talking about- to complete tasks I have never completed, to start things I have only thought about starting, to be brave where I have been just a little timid -to forget myself and my perceived limitations in order to be more fully and more truly myself.

Once I was in a pub with my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law and just a handful of other strangers. There was a small band playing and they were great. They were singing old rock and roll tunes and it was actually hard to sit still to the music. My body wanted to move and I was beating out the rhythm while sitting in my chair. You know the kind of music I am talking about- you just can’t hear it and sit still at the same time. Now, I am not much of a dancer and Mark, my husband, was not with me….so there was absolutely no chance I was going to get up and dance that evening. I thought. However, Also in the pub that evening was another woman about my age. She was dancing with everyone and anyone she could pull onto the dance floor. She danced with the elderly, hunched over grandmother. She danced with the sweaty, fat Hispanic waiter. I watched her and I was just thinking to myself, “what a happy and free woman”, when suddenly and terrifyingly she approached our table and proceeded to drag ME to the dance floor. I was mortified. But I danced politely and at the first opportunity returned quickly to my seat. To my shock and chagrin, she came back to my table and pulled me once again onto the dance floor. I danced once more, and once more sat down quickly. Over the course of the evening she continued returning to my table, and each time i allowed myself to reluctantly be pulled back onto the dance floor. By the end of the evening everyone in the pub -including me- was dancing and, I might add, having a grand time. This single individual had engaged the entire pub in a wonderful, joyful evening. Why did she do it? I was impressed with her willingness to step outside of herself. This experience didn’t make me want to be like her, but it did make me want to be more like me.

I believe every life is a living message. But what my life says to my world is not spoken through thoughts and dreams, it is spoken through action. I must live those thoughts and dreams or I have said nothing to my children, my husband, my family or my friends. You can sit in your chair and think about bringing joy to those around you, but until you get up and dance, and make others dance with you, you have not impacted the pub with much joy.

So What is it I want to DO -what do I want to say with my life and my actions?

Well that is what I plan to discover in this 59th year. It will be an adventure. Many of my dreams will seem quite small or even unimportant, but I still have them and I still have never done them. So, this is my year for completion. It is time for action. This year I am choosing to be the most…
Truly Mama Re